Welcoming Home Your New Puppy

Learn How To Welcome Home Your New Puppy

Puppy Proofing Your Home

Two Puppies Together
Two Cute Puppies Together

Just like getting your home ready for a new baby arrival, it also requires some preparations for welcoming home your new puppy. There are some things that a new dog owner can do to make your new arrival feel welcome and friendly into your home.

The most difficult task is to get your new friend to adapt into your home. He will need to get used to his new surroundings and you will need to begin planning his training sessions. You will need to get the cooperation from all family members so the puppy will not get any mixed signals.

During his first few weeks, he will need some special care.

The following topics will be addressed:

Below is a great training video on bringing home your new puppy. Take a look!

Shopping & Outdoors


There is a lot you can do before your puppy comes home. Here are some things you can do or purchase in advance before your puppies arrival:

  • collar and leash
  • crate
  • brush or hand mitt for grooming
  • nail trimmer
  • toys that are safe
  • bed (be sure to select a bet that accommodates his sleeping style)
  • dog tag
  • food & water bowls (Ceramic or steel bowls are great choices)

You may need to become familiar with the local ordinances for dog walking and when he does his business. Some towns require a leash and the removal of his business. Instruct the family members of these requirements when taking the dog out for a walk.


If your puppy is to be outdoors be sure to choose a well-insulated doghouse large enough to fit the puppy full grown. Locate the doghouse on a high, well-drained site protected from the wind. Find a spot that will provide shade during the summer months.

Puppy Pictured
Cute Puppy Pictured

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Selecting a Veterinarian and Diet

Selecting a Veterinarian

As soon as you bring home your new puppy, be sure to select a veterinarian quickly as possible. If you don’t know of any in your area, ask other pet owners and neighbors and friends for recommendations. If you can, try choosing one that is nearby. This will be a convenience and may save time should an emergency or accident occur. You can even do this ahead of time as well.


Puppies require different nutritional needs than adult dogs. Get to know what your puppy’s diet will require. He will be growing rapidly, so providing him with the proper vitamins and minerals in his food will go a long way in maintaining his proper health. Be sure the food contains; sufficient amounts of protein, calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients puppies require for healthy bodies. You should feed him at the same time so he gets accustomed to his normal feeding and going to the bathroom schedules.

You will need to acquaint yourself with the ingredients and nutrition labels printed on the pet foods you buy in the store. Buy only good quality pet food as this will provide him with excellent health as he goes through the various dog life stages. Poor quality food can affect his health and cause some potential health problems later. This you want to avoid.

Be sure to place his water and eating bowls in a location that is out of the way of lots of traffic. This is also true for the area where he will be sleeping. Try to find a nice quite place. Puppies will need more sleeping time and will require less as they get older into adulthood.
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Best Time To Bring Home Your New Puppy

The best time to bring him home is at the beginning of a weekend. If you can, try add a few vacation days. This will give you time to acquaint your puppy to its new home and training and housebreaking. If this is not possible, then do the best you can under the circumstances you may be in.

Make arrangements with the person to whom you are going to pick him up. You will want to avoid bringing him home during busy times such as birthdays and holidays. Ask that the puppy not be fed prior to you picking him up. This helps to avoid the puppy becoming car sick on his way to his new home.
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Puppy In New Home

Puppy Sleeping
Puppy Sleeping

Your puppy will need to time to adjust to his new surroundings and the people in the home. You will probably have some excited children when the new pet arrives. Be sure to tell them that the new puppy will need some time out for naps. Show your children the proper way to pet him. A puppy should be supervised and taken outside to relieve himself after eating, following naps, and his play periods.

Take your puppy to the veterinarian so he can get acquainted with him. You will also need to schedule his vaccination shots to protect him from a number of viral and infectious diseases. Bring along any immunization information with you as well. This will help your veterinarian to begin a case history for your pet.
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Name Choosing & Pet Physical Abuse

Name Choosing

Choose a name for your puppy and use only that name when calling and training him. When teaching the puppy its name will require 100 percent cooperation from all family members. If a puppy is sent mixed signals, he can become confused and may not respond to any of the command signals. This will make your task a lot more difficult but not impossible.

Puppy Eating Food
Puppy Eating Food

Pet Physical Abuse

Under no circumstances should you ever hit or abuse your pet with physical violence of any kind. This will only let your pet to begin to fear you. It is very important that when you are going to begin training sessions with your pet, that if you are upset or have any anger emotions, your dog can sense this and the training session will be very difficult.

If you are upset or have some anger emotions, cancel that day’s training session. Train your dog on days when you are not upset or under pressure. You always want to be upbeat when you conduct his training sessions.
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When you begin the training sessions with your pet, be sure to have sufficient dog treats that he likes. Take special care that these treats do not exceed more than 10% of his total daily diet. Failure to do so may result in your pet becoming overweight which can be fatal for dogs. Train your pet on one command at a time. Let him master one before going on to the next.
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Voice Command Tips

One more thing, puppy training will require a lot of patience. Try to maintain the same voice level when training your new puppy. Loud voices could be upsetting to your new puppy and he just might have a difficult time in learning. You don’t want to have your puppy fear you.

When your puppy does what you want him too, always give him praise like “good dog” or “good doggy“, “good his name” and a treat. When you don’t want him to do something, when you say “no” be sure it’s in a different tone than all other commands. You must be firm so he will understand the difference between them.

By following the above tips they should help you to welcoming home your new puppy.

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