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Storing Dog Food Properly Keeps It Fresh Longer

Dog Food Storage Containers
Air Tight Storage Containers Keep Dog Food Fresh Longer

Do you know the proper way in storing your dog’s food? If you are like most dog owners you may not know how to properly store your pet’s food. This is where dog food storage can be of assistance so you can store it properly which will help make the food to last longer and maintain its nutritional value too.

After buying the dog food and when you bring it home you will need to store it properly so it will keep its freshness and not get stale or old. Always purchase the best quality food for your pet as it’s good for his health and his diet.

The proper handling and storage is necessary to maintain optimum taste and nutritional value. I think you will agree, that your pet needs it and you are the only one who can do it. Having the knowledge on how to properly store the dry and canned dog food will go a long way to help reduce your dog’s food budget and of course better your pet’s health.

The following topics will be covered below to assist you in storing pet food properly:

How Long Does The Food Last?

Check to see if there is a “best if used by” date on the container. Higher quality foods will have this information and should be easy to read somewhere on the package. Dry dog foods generally have a shelf life of one year, while canned products are good for up to two years from the date of manufacturer. Check the dates of the products before buying so that you know the shelf life of the product you will be using to feed your pet. If there are no dates on the containers, use one or two years from the date of purchase depending upon the type of dog food you are buying.

Note: Some manufacturer’s of dog food will provide two dates on the package. One will be the date of manufacture and the other will be the “best if used by” date. Try to select the date of manufacture that is closest to the current date when buying the food. This will indicate that the food is the freshest and has not been sitting on the shelf too long.

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Do preservatives Make a Difference?

Preservatives will make a difference in the shelf life of pet food. Do not be surprised if the shelf life of products using natural preservatives is several months less than those using artificial preservatives. You may need to compensate for this by buying pet food in smaller containers or on a more frequent basis. You will want to focus on the best nutritional value food for your pet. Always side on food that contains little or no preservatives as it’s the most healthiest and nutritious for your pet.

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How Should I Store the Pet Food?

Dog Food Storage Container
Dog Food Storage Container

What you need to know here is what factors can cause damage to stored pet food and they are oxygen, heat, humidity, and light. Exposure to oxygen and heat leads to oxidation of fat in the food.

This is what makes dog food taste rancid, depletes vitamins and other nutrients, and can cause serious disease in your pet. Proper storage should limit the exposure to these factors.

The use of air-tight containers will be helpful in keeping some of these factors at bay.

If possible, try to store the dog food in it’s original packaging inside a food storage airtight container. This will help in extending the freshness of the dog food.

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Canned Dog Food

Store canned dog food at the proper temperature. Room temperature is excellent for canned and dry products. Both should not be stored in areas above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing canned food products below 50 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods of time may lead to some changes in appearance, texture and palatability, but should not alter the nutritional value. Once you open a canned product, is should be covered with a tight-fitting lid, refrigerated, and be used within three days. Otherwise, throw away the unused portion.

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Dry Dog Food

Avoid storing dry food in damp basements, bathrooms, or laundry rooms, since moisture encourages the growth of mold. Keep dry food in its original bag or container and place it inside another clean, dry container with a snug lid to keep out light, air, rodents and insects. Throw away any unused portions of dog food that has exceeded the best used by date. As the nutritional value of the dog food will be affected and the health of your puppy or dog as well. The use of air-tight containers is highly recommended for this purpose.

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As you can see, you must store the pet food from certain elements which will help you keep your food bill down, but also the health and nourishment of your pet. By following the advice given above should help you to store the canned or dry dog food in their proper containers which will keep dry dog food dry and from spoilage and canned food from moisture. Storing the dog food in air-tight containers to keep out the heat, light, oxygen and humidity is your main objective.

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