Ethical Mini Skinneeez Raccoon Dog Toy

Toy Name: Ethical Mini Skinneeez Raccoon Dog Toy

Product Description

Ethical Mini Skinneeez Raccoon 14-Inch Stuffingless Dog Toy
Ethical Mini Skinneeez Raccoon Dog Toy

This toy will definitely help bring out your dog’s natural hunting instinct with the realistic stuffing free skinneeez dog toys. This happens to be the stuffingless Raccoon toy animal. It has plush material which will be soft in his/her mouth.

You can use this toy for games of toss and fetch both indoors and outdoors. Just toss the Raccoon and watch your pet go after it. This will provide your dog with some valuable exercise he/she needs to burn off some of his excess energy which is good for his/her health.

This toy requires supervision during playtime with your pet. If at anytime the toy gets separated or loose. Throw the toy away. This toy is meant to be used under supervision and not to be used for play as a toy when you are not home.

However, if your dog is an extreme chewer, than this toy may not be for him or her. One advantage of this toy is that it contains no stuffing inside for him/her to rip up and toss all over the floor, creating a huge mess to clean up.

This toy should not be given to your pet if they are teething as they will rip it apart easily. We recommend that you give teething toys to your pets. After their teething period is over, then give this toy to your pet. You will be glad you did.

The Ethical Mini Skinneeez Raccoon Dog Toy may not be suited to all dog breeds. All dog owners must know their pets behavior towards plush toys. Some dogs will like this toy while others will not. Some will tear this toy apart in five minutes while others will not.

Most dogs playing with this toy will probably remove the squeakers very quickly. Be forewarned so you pet will not ingest the squeakers.

Product Features

The features for this product are mentioned below:

  • Our stuffing free skinneeez last longer than regular plush dog toys because there is no stuffing for your dog to rip out
  • Now your dog can enjoy long lasting play while flip-flopping our stuffing free skinneeez
  • Stuffingless Dog Toy
  • Squeaker included
  • Toy made to help remove boredom in pets
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 14-inches in length
  • Comes with two squeakers one on each end

Price: $3.99

Note: The price of this toy is subject to change without notice and will vary by any discounts being offered at the time of purchase.

Brand: Ethical Products

Toy: Plush Raccoon

Color: Gray & White

Product Rating: 4.4

Category: Plush Toys, Interactive Toys, Toss & Rope Toys

For Dog Size: Small to Medium Large Dogs

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Frequently Asked Questions

There were no frequently asked questions for this product other than where it is made in China.

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Ethical Mini Skinneeez Raccoon Dog Toy
Ethical Mini Skinneeez Raccoon Dog Toy

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Ethical Mini Skinneeez Raccoon Dog Toy




Durable Fabric Material


Soft Durable & Water Resistant


Long lasting play that will keep them busy for hours


No Stuffing To Rip Out



  • Delivers unique inner crinkle that runs the length of the body
  • Made of a durable and water-resistant polyester plush fabric
  • Provides Pets with long lasting entertainment
  • Satisfies Your Pet's Natural Hunting Instinct
  • Stuffing free skinneeez last longer than regular plush dog toys because there is no stuffing for your dog to rip out


  • Dogs should be supervised when playing with this toy
  • Parts can be accidentally swallowed