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Dog Training Supplies


Dog training supplies provides pet owners with the tools they need to control their pets from doing bad behaviors. Most dogs react to sounds and verbal commands. When you add a treat to the training sessions, your pet will react whenever he does the right thing because of the treat being his reward.

This is what you are trying to accomplish. Rewarding your dog whenever he does the right command or instruction you are teaching him. Clicker training works very well as your pet will associate the sound with the treat and will try to continue doing that behavior for more rewards. As time goes on, you just have to give the oral command and not have to use the clicker. This is your ultimate goal.

Besides clickers, other types of training supplies are training collars. You decide which is best for you and your dog, the clicker or training collar. Both types work very well. Always remember, whenever your pet performs the right behavior, reward him with a treat. Never reward your dog with a treat for not doing the correct behavior you are teaching him. This will give him mixed signals.

Included with these training supplies are dog training potty bells to help your dog to do their duty outside and not inside on the floor.

Training sessions help pet and owner to bond. This is very important.

Another huge item are the treats. Be sure to bring and use your pets favorite may help your pet perform better.

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