Food and Water Bowl Supplies

Food and Water Bowls

Dog Water Bowl Blue
Dog Water or Food Bowl Blue

When you bring your puppy or dog home you will need to feed him and be sure he has access to water and lots of water. This is generally done with food and water bowls. A separate bowl for each. You will need to place these bowls out of the way of heavy traffic areas in the home or apartment. This will be the area where your pet will go to eat his food and drink water throughout the day. This is his private area that he needs when feeding and drinking water.

Water Requirements

As a general rule, your dog should drink an ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. Active dogs will drink more. Puppies will also drink more than the general rule. If your dog does not ingest his water and if it should be more than 15% deficient, he can die. Dogs need sufficient amounts of water every day. Be sure he gets it.

Food Requirements

As to the amount of food your dog needs to eat per day will vary upon how active he is and his normal adult weight for his breed. What you are trying to avoid here is having your puppy or adult dog not to be overweight or obese. Obese dogs will not live as long as normal weight dogs do. So, it’s important that you do not overfeed your dog on a daily basis.

If you should notice that your puppy or dog is overweight, begin a calorie reduction diet for him until the desired weight for his breed has been reached. You will do this by reducing the amount of food he eats each day.


Another factor in his feedings ares the treats being feed to him during the his training sessions. Remember, treats should be limited to not more than 10% of his normal daily food intake.

Food Bag

The information that is stated on the food bag on how much to feed your dog is approximate. For example; dogs weighing between 5 to 15 pounds, feed between 1/2 cup to 1 1/2 cups per day. As you can see, this is a wide range. You will need to adjust this amount based on your dog’s breed and how much exercise he gets daily and knowing what his ideal weight should be. You may have to refer to your vet and get information about your dog. Adjust upwards the food if your dog seems to be loosing weight and downwards if your dog is overweight.

Click on the following dog food calculator link to determine how much food to feed your dog on a daily basis.

Generally speaking, puppies eat more than adult dogs. Depending upon your dog breed, most puppies are adults by the end of their first year. Some breeds it can be longer. Puppies eat three times a day and adult dogs twice a day.

Remember this when you are trying to determine his eating ration each day. Divide the recommended amount by 2 for an adult dog and by 3 for a puppy. For example; if the package says to feed your dog 2 cups of food each day, divide by 2 for an adult dog which would be 1 cup at each feeding. For a puppy it would be 5.3 ounces of food per feeding.


Be sure when you travel and you are taking your pet with you that you don’t forget to bring his food and water bowls with you. Or, you can buy traveling bowls which collapse and can be stored easily with your luggage. Remember, his food and water requirements will be the same with the exception of less exercise and you probably should reduce this food intake when traveling. If you are staying in a hotel for more than a day, you can serve him his normal food requirement. Be sure your pet does not get dehydrated when traveling in the car. Whenever you stop, be sure to allow him to drink some water and then go to the bathroom when you do.

Water & Food Bowls

Below are some great bowls to choose from. Click on the link and you will be taken directly to the Amazon product ordering page and can purchase the item.

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Traveling Bowls

The bowls below are great for taking along with you when your pet is traveling with you. They are collapsible for easy storage in your travel bag or luggage.

Drinking Fountains

Below are drinking fountains that provide cool fresh water supply throughout the day for your dog.

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