Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox Stuffingless Dog Toy

Toy Name: Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox Stuffingless Dog Toy

Product Description

Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox 24-Inch Stuffingless Dog Toy
Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox Dog Toy

Bring out your dog’s natural hunting instinct with our realistic stuffing free skinneeez dog toys. These are some of the hottest toys available for your pet. This toy is not for aggressive chewer dogs. If your pet likes to play tug-a-war, fetch or toss, than this toy is a must. It provide some great interactive play time between owner and pet to bond together.

It’s a great way for your pet to eliminate some of his energy he has stored up during the day and provide him with exercise as well.

This toys is not for your pet to play with while alone.

What is great about this toy or toys like them, is it does not contain any stuffing inside for your pet to tear apart if your pet is a ripper and chewer. The results is a mess all over the floor which you must clean up. These toys are plush for softness but do not have stuffing inside.

Your pet should have hours of fun playing with this toy under your supervision.

Product Features

Below are some of the features for this product:

  • Toy lasts longer the most plush toys because there is no stuffing inside for your pet to rip out
  • Comes with a squeaker
  • Enjoy longer lasting playtime
  • Able to flip-flop stuffing free toy
  • Dimensions: 2″ x 4″ x 27″
  • Product Weight: 2.4 ounces

Price: $7.89

Note: The price of this toy is subject to change without notice and if there are any discounts being offered at the time of purchase. Prices are provided so consumers can compare them with other products.

Brand: Ethical

Toy: Plush Stuffingless Toy

Color: Rust

Product Rating: 4.3

Category: Plush Toys, Interactive Toys

For Dog Size: Small to Large

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Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox Dog ToyEthical Plush Skinneeez Fox Dog Toy

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Ethical Plush Skinneeez Fox Stuffingless Dog Toy




Durable Fabric Material


Water Resistant


Stuffing Free Design


Satisfies Pets Hunting Instinct



  • Price
  • This dog and cat squeakers will last longer because there is no stuffing for your pet to rip out and it allows the toy to move freely which pets love the most.
  • Your pets can enjoy long lasting play that will keep them busy for hours while flip-flopping these stuffing-free dog plush toys.
  • This Skinneeez Crinklers toys are made of polyester plush fabric that is soft, durable and water resistant.
  • The Fox toy squeakers are designed to satisfy your pet’s natural hunting instinct, great for bouncing, shaking, tossing and retrieving.


  • Dog should be supervised when playing with this toy.
  • Squeakers break easily.
  • Heavy chewers can destroy this toy within hours.