Mammoth Flossy Chews 3-Knot Rope

Toy Name: Mammoth Flossy Chews 3-Knot Rope

Product Description

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend 3-Knot Rope Toy Large
Mammoth Flossy Chews 3-Knot Rope ToyFlossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope

Dogs just love rope toys. Now you can get one that helps with his dental hygiene as well. The Mammoth Flossy Chews 3-Knot Rope fits the bill for removing tartar and plaque from your dogs teeth when he chews into the rope but also is a great tug-of-war and tossing interactive toy. This will provide your pet with hours of fun and help to bond dog and owner.

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug is a flossy braided rope chew toy that your dog will love.
The multi-colored cloth rope can support your dog’s dental health with regular interactive play. When your dog bites down on this toy, the flossy rope scrapes plaque and tartar off of your dog’s teeth in even the most deep recesses of his mouth.

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug is perfect for interactive play with your dog in games like tug-of-war or fetch.

Other sizes available for this toy are:

  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Small (style 2)
  • Medium
  • Medium (style 2)
  • X-Large

Product Features

Below are some of the features of this product.

  • Large 25-Inch Cottonblend Color 3 Knot Rope Tug
  • Rope fibers floss dogs’ teeth that promotes dental health as they chew and play
  • Cottonblend Color materials
  • Length: 25 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 13.3 ounces

Price: $4.99

Note: The price of this product is subject to change without notice.

Brand: Mammoth

Toy: 3-Knot Rope Large

Color: Black, Red & White

Product Rating: 4.4

Category: Toss & Rope Toys

For Dog Size: All Dogs

Reviews: Read the Customer Reviews!Customer Reviews Mammoth Cottonblend 3-Knot Rope Toy

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Mammoth Flossy Chews 3-Knot Rope ToyMammoth Flossy Cottonblend Chews 3-Knot Rope Toy

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Mammoth Flossy Chews 3-Knot Rope




Flosses Dog's Teech


Great Toy For Tug, Toss, & Fetch


Great Toy for Interactive Play


Made from Premium Cottonblend Rope Fibers



  • Price.
  • Rope fibers floss dogs' teeth as they chew and play.
  • Great toy for bonding and interactive play.
  • A great toy to help remove plaque from your pet's teeth while they play.
  • This toy is large 25-inch cottonblend color 3 knot rope tug.


  • Each toy is designed for a specific size dog. (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, & X-Large)
  • Made in Mexico.
  • Colors are random.