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Healthy Dog Food Is Vital 

Biopet Organic Dog Food Adult
Biopet Organic Dog Food Adult

The dog food products below are some great organic selections of dog good because they do not include pesticides in the processing of the food. Using this type of food you will be using less than the inexpensive brands of dog food. Organic food is healthy for your pet and will give him a longer life too. We include food for puppies, adult and senior dogs.

There are options for canned which is moist and dry dog food. You will have to decide on which one is best for your puppy, adult or senior dog. You can buy both and mix them together which is also good.

Remember, when changing your dog’s diet from an old food to a new one you must do this over a period of 13 days. This helps your dogs body to adapt to the new food.

Transitioning To A New Dog Food
Transitioning To A New Dog Food

Here’s how:

  • Days 1 – 4: Mix 25% of new with 75% of the old
  • Days 5 – 8: Mix 50% of the new with 50% of the old
  • Days 9-12: Mix 75% of the new with 25% of the old
  • Day 13: 100% of the new dog food

If you should see your dog having a reaction to the new food, slow down the process. The image on the right is using a faster transition to the new food. I would use the food transition schedule mentioned above as its longer and will help your pet to adapt to the new food easier.

Dog Food Products

Dog Food Product Choices

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