Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball Large

Toy Name: Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball Large

Product Description

Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball Large
StarMark Everlasting Treat Ball, Large

Are you looking for a toy what will challenge your dog and reward him at the same time? Now you have found your pot of gold in the Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball. This toy will stand up with the strongest chewers. You place some treats in the ball and an Everlasting Treat on the outside and let him have fun trying to get at the treats on the inside as well as outside.

The outside treat is very hard but is edible and safe to consume. The ball is made of soft, durable, puncture-resistant materials that stand up to tough chewers. This works very well in the chewing on the ball is a good dental hygiene toy for your pet. He will have hours of fun playing and chewing with it and working off some of his excess energy in trying to get at the treats.

With all chew toy products and treats, pets should be supervised as no product is completely indestructible. Pieces smaller than the mouth may present a choking hazard. When wet, treats may stain fabric and upholstery.

The toy comes in the following sizes:

  • Small (4 x 2 x 7″ 1.1 ounces)
  • Medium (3.8 x 3.8 x 3.8″ 1.8 ounces)
  • Large (5 x 5 x 3″ 7 ounces)

Video Everlasting Treat Ball

Below is a good video of this toy in action. Take a look!

Product Features

Below are some of the features for this product.

  • Quality and performance driven product for your pet
  • Tested for safety and health
  • Provide a better quality of living for your pet with Starmark
  • Fill with food or treats to keep your dog happily entertained
  • Made of soft, durable, puncture-resistant materials that stand up to tough chewers
  • Recommended for dogs over 40 pounds
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 3 inches (Large toy pictured)
  • Weight: 7 ounces

Price: $12.94

Note: The price for this product is subject to change without notice.

Brand: Starmark

Toy: Ball

Color: Blue

Product Rating: 3.6

Category: Chew Toys

For Dog Size: Above 40 lbs. (Large Ball Pictured)

Reviews: Read the Customer Reviews!Customer Reviews Starmark Everlasting Treat Ball
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about this product.

  • Where are the treats and toy made? Answer: In China.
  • Is this treat suitable for a 100 lb. Rottweiler? Answer: Definitely. I have a large pitbull that ate through one of those extreme kongs without hesitation but as longs as there is a treat in the end she was more fixated on the treat than destroying the toy itself. It took her a few hours to eat the treat ends as well.
  • The ball stinks. Is that normal. Is it harmful? Answer: Do you mean the strong chemical smell? Well, that smell is TYPICAL of many of the “soft, yet durable” types of dog chew toys. This is off-gassing of the chemicals in the product. I immediately wash the toy in soapy water and let it air dry, in the sun if possible. It helps to reduce the smell. I don’t know if this makes it less harmful but I feel better about it.
  • Is there a money back guarantee if my dog destroys the ball? Answer: No.

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Starmark Everlasting Treat BallStarmark Everlasting Treat Ball

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