ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen

Puppy Playpen To Use When You’re Away

ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Pink
ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Pink

Are you afraid to leave your puppy alone while you are at work or away shopping? There is a solution to your problem with the ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen has just come to your rescue. The playpen measures 48” in diameter and 25” in height to give your puppy some room to move around and play with their toys. It’s large enough to place his water bowl in their too and give him room to move around. They also can lay down and sleep, and even stretch out too.

Because is comes with zippers both on the top and bottom, it’s easy to erect and take down and store away or take with you on vacation. The playpen is larger than a normal crate which is good for your puppy to move around with ease.

Product Description

Your little ones will love this Portable Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel from ESK Collection. While they run around and have fun in a safe and contained environment, you can keep an eye on them through the mesh screens on the sides and top of the playpen.

Setting up the unit and tearing it down is simple and takes a few short seconds.

ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Blue
ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Blue

With the included travel tote, you can bring this with on all of your trips to provide your pet with a contained play area wherever you go. The storage compartments on the side allow you to keep your pet’s toys and supplies all within reach whenever they are needed.

The durable material is also easy to clean, with a removable bottom for easy washing.

Manufacture 100% Warranty

ESK Collection is so confident you’ll love their products, if you’re not completely satisfied you’ll be offered a prompt refund or replacement, no questions asked. Just Please ‘Contact Seller’ directly (other than Amazon Customer Service) from Amazon Buyer Central against this order for a replacement or refund. Enjoy this absolutely risk free purchase today.

Product Specifications

Below are the specifications for this product.

  • Manufacture: ESK Collection

Price: $39.99

Note: The price of this product is subject to change without notice and will vary if there are any discounts being offered at the time of purchase.

  • ASIN Number: B00PQ0FOAU
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Colors: Blue, Pink, & Red
  • Dimensions: 48” in diameter and 25” in height
  • Security screen for maximum airflow
  • Easy to clean and 100% washable
  • Top and bottom panels are all zippers
  • Made from durable comfortable mesh material
  • 8 Panel design
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • 100% Warranty: Yes (Contact seller directly and not Amazon Customer Service)
  • Can be used for both indoors and outdoors

*Discounts being offered will vary from time to time. The price of this product is subject to change without notice.

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ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Red
ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Red

Customer Reviews and Rating

This product has been purchased by 305 customers who have rated this product with an average score of 4.5 out of 5, which is excellent.

You can read all of the customer reviewsESK-Collection-Playpen-Exercise-Kennel Playpen for this product, with the most recent ones listed first, by clicking on the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about this product.

  1. Does this come with a bag to store it? Answer: Yes.
  2. My three month old cockapoo is a biter now, will the mesh hold up to sharp puppy teeth? Answer: I used it with my three month schnauzer who is also a biter. It survived.
  3. Is the bottom waterproof? Answer: Yes, it’s waterproof.
  4. Does the bottom come off to use in grass? Answer: Yes, the bottom and top both zip on and off.
  5. How small down does it fold down? Would it fit in a carryon suitcase? Answer: No.
  6. Does the zippered mesh top also have a solid top for shade? Answer: No.
  7. Would my rat terrier be able to fit? Answer: Yes.
  8. Can I leave my dogs unattended when I go to work in this playpen? Answer: Yes. There is plenty of air ventilation so they won’t suffocate.
  9. Is the tan a light tan or dark? Answer: I actually own the blue and tan color and its light in color.
  10. Can the top netting zip off? Answer: Yes.
  11. Does it have two doors? Answer: Yes, it does.
  12. How many zippers come with this playpen? Answer: Four with a total of six zipper pulls on the unit itself.
  13. Is the bottom closed by a zipper or Velcro? Answer: Zipper.

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ESK Collection 45
ESK Collection 45″ Pet Puppy Dog Playpen Exercise Pen Kennel 600d Oxford Cloth PinkESK Collection 45

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ESK Collection Pet Puppy Dog Playpen


Portable Playpen


Easy to Clean 100% Washable,


Storage Compartments on the Side


Removable Bottom


Pets Can Be Seen Through the Mesh Screens



  • Convenient space saving design means it can be stored practically anywhere when not in use
  • Simple to Install - 8 Panel Design allows for extremely easy set up and take down
  • Easy to Clean 100% Washable,
  • Waterproof 600D oxford Cloth Material are Made from Durable & Comfortable Breathable, Mesh Material
  • 45


  • Not Practical For Small Areas
  • Price
  • Uses Zippers
  • Great For Small Dogs & Puppies
  • Weighs 6.2 Pounds - Easy To Tip Over